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Copalcor  Forgings

Advantages of Forging

Forgings of copper and brass offer a number of outstanding advantages over parts produced by other manufacturing processes. These advantages result from the inherent properties of copper and copper alloys plus additional improvements in mechanical and physical properties imparted by the forging process. Our design team will work with you to explain the entire process, with all the advantages in cost and time clearly explained.


Copalcor Forgings
Copalcor Forgings

Machined brass and copper stampings for various applications, e.g. valves, clamps, nuts, etc.

Copalcor Forgings  Copalcor Forgings

Copalcor is fully equipped with state of the art machining facilities for all your finishing needs.

Copflo Copalcor Forgings

Copflo  Coaplcor Forgings

  Updated: 07 June 2016
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