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Copalcor Projects

Supply History: International

Products, Projects and Turnkey Solutions

The major international projects successfully supplied by Copalcor are listed below:

Plastics corporation, Texas, USA, 1991:

Plastics  corporation, Texas, USA, 1996-97:

Plastics  corporation, Taiwan, 1997-98:

Plastics  corporation, Taiwan, 1999-2000:

Plastics corporation, Chia Yi, Taiwan, 1993:

Plastics corporation, Chia Yi, Taiwan, 1995-96:

Plastics corporation, Chia Yi, Taiwan, 1996 – 97:

Copper Foil plant, Kunshan, China, 2001-2002:

Copper Foil plant, Kunshan, China, 2003-2004:

Plastics corporation, Taiwan, 2004:

Plastics  corporation, Taiwan, 2004:

Chemical corporation, Korea, 2005:

Chemical corporation, Korea, 2006:

Technology  corporation, Taiwan, 2006-07:

Copper foil plant 2, Kunshan, China, 2007-2008:

Engineeing  corporation, Japan, Ongoing:

Electrical corporation, Germany, 2008:

Chemical corporation, Korea, 2009:

Silicon project, Korea, 2009:

Plastics corporation, Texas, USA 2010:

Corporation, Japan, 2010:

Corporation, Japan, 2010:

Electrical corporation, Germany, 2010.

Plastics  corporation, Chia Yi, Taiwan, 1998:

Plastics corporation, Chia Yi, Taiwan, 2000:

Engineering corporation, Japan, 1997-98:

Engineering  corporation, Japan, 1998:

Engineering corporation, Japan, 2000:

Technology  corporation, Taiwan, 1998-99:

 Corporation, Japan / Singapore:

Plastics  corporation, Taiwan, 2000:

Copalcor Projects

Hanger Bar for the Mining Industry

Copalcor Projects

Aluminium Busbar

Copalcor Projects

Steel Support Structures

Copalcor Projects

Busbar Flexibles

 corporation, Taiwan, 2010:

Copper foil plant 3, Kunshan, China, 2011:

Silicon project, Korea, 2011-2012:

Estimated busbar mass = 150 ton (polysilicon plant).

Supply of busbar, fasteners and supports for a new polysilicon plant.

Complete design and installation supervision of busbar system by Copalcor.

Silicon project, Korea, 2012:

Solar project, Korea, 2012

Copalcor Projects


  Updated: 07 June 2016
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