Copalcor supplies a wide range of Copper for various industries

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Extruded Copper

Types of extruded copper we supply:

  • Copper tubing - LPG refrigeration coils (soft drawn)
  • Standard copper tube and bustube available on request
  • Copper wire
  • Copper flatbar
  • Busbar flats

High Copper Alloys

  • Q004: Electrolytic tough pitch
  • Q005: Phosphorus de-oxidised, high residual phosphorus
  • Q008: Phosphorus de-oxidised, low residual phosphorus
  • Q010: Low Alloyed zinc phosphorus copper
  • Q017: Copper-chromium-zirconium

Copalcor manufactures primarily to the UNS grade. Other alloys/grades are available on request.


Rolled Copper

Copalcor manufacturing is capable of rolling foil/sheet from 0.05mm thick. We have slitting facilities for customer requirements. Information regarding lead time and minimum order quantity is available on request.

Types of rolled copper Copalcor Trading branches can supply:

  • Copper coil
  • Copper foil in coil - special alloy foils/coils available on request
  • Copper sheets
  • Cut plate - Copalcor is able to offer cut plate in various alloys
  • Copper/brass shimstock - special alloy foils/coils available on request
  • Patterned copper sheet - various sizes and patterns available on request
  • Busbar - manufactured to specification.

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